Police Identify and Arrest Suspects in Brutal Attack on Alzheimer’s Sufferer in Houston (VIDEO)

A recent brutal assault in Houston has shocked the nation and highlighted the need for justice in America. Last week, two men were caught on camera viciously attacking 67-year-old Florentino Hurtado, who suffers from Alzheimer’s and dementia. The perpetrators, Trayvion Lockridge and Derodric Stephens, are now in custody at the Harris County Jail and have been charged with aggravated robbery over 65.

The shocking incident took place in a parking lot near Tidwell in the 5900 block of North Shepherd. Hurtado and his wife had gone to the meat market to pick up ingredients, and while his wife was in the store, he mistakenly pulled on the handle of the wrong car. This is when Lockridge and Stephens began their assault on the disoriented man, as captured in harrowing video footage obtained by KTTK.

The footage shows the assailants raining blows on Hurtado’s head until he eventually falls to the pavement, where they continued to stomp on his head. After the attack, the suspects fled the scene in the victim’s car, stealing Hurtado’s cellphone in the process. The resulting injuries were severe, with Hurtado suffering a broken cheekbone, numerous cuts requiring stitches, a possible traumatic brain injury, and a black eye.

In a heart-wrenching interview with KTRK, Hurtado’s daughter, Jessica, described the pain of witnessing her father’s distress as he stumbled around the parking lot, confused and dazed. She emphasized that the incident could have been easily avoided if the perpetrators had shown restraint. The state of Texas requested Lockridge’s bond be set at $1 million, but the defense argued for a significantly lower amount, eventually settling on $50,000.

Meanwhile, Stephens’s bond has not yet been set, but according to KTRK, he has five pending cases in addition to his new charge. Jessica expressed her dismay at the paltry bond amount for such a heinous crime and called for justice for her father.

This senseless and brutal attack serves as a stark reminder of the need for compassion and justice in the nation. It is essential to hold perpetrators of violent crimes accountable and ensure that justice is served for the victims and their families. As the perpetrators face the consequences of their actions, the community will come together to support the Hurtado family and demand justice for this appalling crime.


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