President Biden Calls an Early End to Public Activities, Declines to Disclose Location

President Joe Biden, aged 81, has decided to take a break at a St. Croix estate owned by one of his wealthy donors, calling a lid before noon as he relaxes in the lap of luxury. This comes after he returned to Washington DC from a vacation at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland.

Arriving in St. Croix on Wednesday, Joe Biden and his family of grifters were seen exiting Air Force One in the US Virgin Islands, where he plans to spend the remainder of the year at the beach. Joining him on this vacation is Natalie Biden, the granddaughter of his late son Beau.

The New York Post has reported that Biden will be staying at the beachfront villa owned by wealthy Biden-Democrat donors Bill and Connie Neville. The Nevilles, who contributed more than $10,000 to Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, have a history of hosting the President and his family for ‘free’ at their property.

According to The New York Post, President Biden arrived in the US Virgin Islands for another free vacation at the home of wealthy supporters, following previous stays which garnered criticism from ethicists. Despite this, Biden continues to enjoy the generosity of his wealthy donors without disclosing these gifts on his annual forms.

Biden has spent a significant portion of his presidency on vacation, totaling 417 days or 39% of his time in office, without any visitor logs for transparency. Joining Biden at the lavish villa will be First Lady Jill Biden, granddaughter Natalie, and possibly other members of his family. The retreat offers an in-ground pool and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and an offshore island.

Amidst the President’s luxurious vacation, a record number of migrants, primarily military-age men, continue to invade the southern border. Reports of a caravan headed to the US border, potentially the largest ever with over 15,000 people, have surfaced. The migrant rights leaders leading the group have declared their intent to reach the United States without stopping.


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