Pro-Palestinian Protest in New York City Ends with Arrests and Disruptions During Met Gala

A massive protest of around 1,000 pro-Palestinian people resulted in at least 24 arrests for obstructing traffic and disorderly conduct. The demonstrators congregated at Hunter College at approximately 4 p.m. and marched around the Metropolitan Museum of Art while the Met Gala was taking place. The museum was heavily guarded by hundreds of police officers with anti-riot gear. Crowd control police warned the protesters that they would face arrest if they continued to block the middle of the street and didn’t move to the sidewalks.

Despite the warning, many of the protesters refused to comply and chose to regroup and circle around the museum. Around 800 demonstrators were still present by 8 p.m., which further divided into smaller groups of around 200 people before the protest eventually began to fizzle out at approximately 9 p.m.

A few people were distributing materials and offering tutorials while supporting the pro-Palestinian march. The protesters voiced their displeasure regarding Israel’s bombing of Gaza and the loss of civilian lives there. They stated that there were no safe areas in Palestine, including Gaza.

Danny Shaw, a professor of international relations at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said that the group was trying to prevent a genocide against the Palestinian people. He said, “If global opinion mattered, we would have stopped 76 years ago. It’s going to take unity and critical education; which they’ll never teach us in dominating institutions of society.”

While some demonstrators remained peaceful, others insulted and got in the faces of police, showering them with camera flashes, shouting, and spray-painting their cars. One person even threw eggs at the officers from a window. According to the deputy commissioner, around 24 people were arrested during the protest, and one person was apprehended for throwing eggs at the police officers.

The pro-Palestinian group even attempted to breac


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