Prominent UFC Fighter Expresses Concern Over 2024 Election Viability: ‘Which String Are They Going to Pull Next?’

In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, UFC fighter Colby Covington expressed concerns about the potential rigging of the 2024 presidential election or the establishment resorting to authoritarian measures to prevent former President Donald Trump from winning. Covington, currently ranked fifth in the UFC welterweight division, openly questioned the tactics that the anti-Trump establishment might employ and whether they would resort to imposing martial law in America.

When asked about Trump’s potential success in the 2024 election, Covington remarked, “I think he’s gonna win by a landslide if it’s a fair election.” He went on to express his doubts about the establishment’s intention to rig the election, referencing the use of mail-in voting and the impact of the COVID pandemic on the 2020 election as evidence of their willingness to go to any length to prevent Trump from winning a fair election.

Covington’s comments align with the sentiments expressed by Tucker Carlson in a previous interview. In a podcast appearance, Carlson warned of the possibility of the establishment attempting an assassination against Trump. Both Covington and Carlson share a belief that the anti-Trump establishment is capable of anything, including resorting to extreme measures like martial law or political murder in order to prevent Trump from returning to the White House.

The concerns raised by Covington and Carlson reflect a growing sentiment among many Americans that powerful individuals will stop at nothing to prevent Trump from winning the 2024 election. The suspicion that the establishment will go to great lengths to undermine Trump’s chances in the election is supported by the numerous attempts to discredit and disqualify Trump, such as the recent ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court that deemed Trump ineligible for the state’s 2024 presidential primary election.

The reasons behind the establishment’s persistent efforts to thwart Trump’s potential return to the White House are complex and varied. Hatred and fear are two possible explanations. Powerful individuals are motivated by a deep-seated animosity towards Trump, which has only intensified as his popularity has grown. Additionally, there is a palpable fear of Trump’s return to power, although the exact reasons for this fear remain unclear.

Covington and Carlson offer a sobering reminder that the political landscape has evolved in ways that would have seemed improbable just a few years ago. As concerns about the potential rigging or authoritarian interventions in the 2024 election continue to mount, the American people are left to grapple with the implications of a political climate where extreme measures are not outside the realm of possibility.

The interview with Covington and Carlson has ignited a conversation about the lengths to which the anti-Trump establishment may go to prevent a fair election, raising questions about the future of American democracy. Their apprehensions, echoed by many Americans, underscore the deep-seated unease surrounding the 2024 election and the ominous feeling that accompanies it.


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