Public Broadcaster Will Not Replace Journalists With AI: Managing Director

ABC Managing Director David Anderson has reaffirmed that AI will not replace human journalists at the broadcaster. During a budget estimate hearing held on May 30, members of the Environment and Communications Legislation Committee shared concerns about how AI was being adopted by some media organizations and how it was affecting the quality of journalism. Mr. Anderson confirmed that the ABC is not planning on replacing journalists with AI. He emphasized that the craft of journalism is vital to the ABC and that independent public journalism is key. AI is seen as a tool by the ABC, primarily used for researching and language conversion for Australians. The broadcaster has not entered into a deal with any AI service provider to date, as the company is concerned about the ethics of using open-source AI. Mr. Anderson acknowledged that AI is a rapidly evolving area and that the ABC is struggling to keep up with the changes. However, he reassured that the broadcaster will continue to update its principles and be transparent about its use of AI to the Australian audience. To save $65 million in operating costs, News Corp has suggested expanding AI-produced content. Despite this, the ABC has committed over 60 journalists to regional, rural, and remote areas to maintain its independent public journalism practices. The director has flagged financial challenges for the ABC and has said the broadcaster will prepare for these challenges though no immediate decision has been made


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