Rep. Henry Cuellar Warns That Biden Risks Losing Democratic Support If He Doesn’t Deport Illegal Immigrants

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) has issued a stark warning to President Joe Biden, as the administration’s border and immigration policies continue to divide Democrat supporters.

In an interview with CNN on Wednesday, Cuellar emphasized that failure to rapidly process and deport illegal immigrants could cost the president support within his own party. He pointed out that the administration and many members of Congress have been “listening too much to the immigration activists” and not enough to people from border communities like his, which includes Laredo, Texas, and other portions of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Cuellar believes that one of the key problems at the border is the slow processing of immigration cases. According to him, even though only about 13 percent of immigration cases result in immigrants being allowed to stay in the United States, each case can take years to be adjudicated.

He stressed the urgency of addressing this issue, saying, “They should be listening to mayors, city council members, non-profits, folks who live there. This is not a red or blue issue. This is a green issue. The folks who live there should have input.”

The Texas representative also criticized the Biden administration’s messaging on the border situation, arguing that mixed signals are only making the crisis worse. “We tell people, ‘Don’t come in,’ and then practically the next day people hear, ‘Hey, come on in,'” he said. He also lamented the lack of attention to the surge in unaccompanied child migrants, pointing out that over 9,000 children were in custody as of last week.

The issue of border and immigration policies has indeed caused friction within the Democratic Party. While some have praised Biden’s more compassionate approach compared to his predecessor, others, including Cuellar, have grown increasingly critical as the situation at the border continues to intensify.

Furthermore, the Biden administration’s attempt to roll back some of the previous administration’s immigration policies has faced setbacks, with a federal judge recently ruling against the government’s attempt to halt deportations. This decision has amplified the calls for Biden to take more decisive action to address the growing crisis.

As the debate over immigration policies rages on, it remains to be seen how the Biden administration will navigate the precarious situation at the border while attempting to maintain cohesion within the Democratic Party.


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