Republican Representative Calls for Investigation into Delta Airlines’ Transport of Illegal Aliens

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz has called out Delta Airlines for transporting illegal immigrants across the country and sent a formal letter to CEO Ed Bastion demanding an explanation for their actions. Gaetz raised concerns about the potential collaboration between Delta and the Biden administration or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in facilitating the transportation of illegal immigrants via their flights.

The issue gained attention after citizen journalist Ashley St. Clair posted videos on Twitter, shedding light on the presence of illegal immigrants at the Phoenix airport. Delta’s involvement in transporting these individuals became a subject of intense scrutiny, prompting Rep. Gaetz to take action and seek accountability from the airline.

In his letter to Delta’s CEO, Gaetz highlighted Congress’s keen interest in understanding the nature of Delta’s “arrangements” with the Biden administration or NGOs, especially in light of the recent surge in illegal border crossings. The congressman expressed concerns about the possibility of taxpayer money being used to fund the transportation of illegal immigrants via U.S. airlines, raising questions about the vetting process for these individuals.

Furthermore, Gaetz criticized the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for allowing questionable forms of identification for non-resident aliens, highlighting potential security risks associated with this lax approach. The congressman’s letter sought detailed information from Delta regarding the number of illegal immigrants transported since President Biden’s inauguration, the process by which NGOs purchase or reimburse tickets for these individuals, and whether the airline has received any financial incentives for their transportation.

Amidst the growing debate, Gaetz emphasized the need for transparency on Delta’s part, particularly in relation to national security concerns surrounding the transportation of undocumented individuals. The congressman’s move reflects broader calls for a reevaluation of immigration policies and procedures under the new administration.

As the controversy surrounding Delta’s actions continued to unfold, the airline faced mounting pressure to address the concerns raised by Rep. Gaetz and provide clarity on the issues at hand. The congressman’s efforts to hold Delta accountable for its role in transporting illegal immigrants underscored the broader efforts to address the complex challenges posed by immigration and border security in the United States.

Overall, the letter from Rep. Gaetz to Delta’s CEO underscored the growing political and public scrutiny of immigration-related issues and the heightened focus on the role of airlines in facilitating the transportation of undocumented individuals. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how Delta and other airlines will respond to these concerns and what implications this controversy will have for immigration policies and enforcement moving forward.


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