Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Daughter’s Homes Targeted by Swatting Incident

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene made a shocking revelation on Thursday, announcing that both of her daughter’s houses were the targets of swatting. The congresswoman expressed her gratitude towards the police for their swift response and showed her support for law enforcement, while also issuing a stern warning to the perpetrators, stating that they will eventually be caught and that their actions will not be amusing anymore.

In a subsequent social media post, Greene raised concerns about the increasing number of swatting calls targeting public officials, questioning whether the government was under attack. She emphasized that swatting calls not only pose a threat to elected representatives but also constitute harassment and an attack on law enforcement, calling for immediate action to stop this alarming trend.

This is not the first time that Marjorie Taylor Greene has faced such a terrifying ordeal. On Christmas Day, her own home was subjected to another swatting incident, marking the eighth time that she has been targeted in this manner. Despite the recurring nature of these attacks, Greene expressed her gratitude for the exceptional response and support she received from local law enforcement, especially during a time when she was celebrating the holiday with her family.

Following the Christmas Day swatting episode, Greene disclosed that she had recently been the recipient of death threats, adding to the distressing pattern of harassment and intimidation she has endured. The initial swatting incident occurred in August 2022 when a false report of a shooting at her residence led to a significant police presence. Since then, Greene has been the target of seven more swatting incidents, with the latest occurring on Christmas day, further exacerbating the emotional toll on her and her family.

The repeated targeting of Marjorie Taylor Greene and her family through swatting and death threats is deeply concerning and reflects a disturbing trend of harassment and intimidation directed at public figures. Swatting not only endangers the lives of the individuals targeted but also places unnecessary strain on law enforcement resources. It is imperative for authorities to take decisive measures to identify and hold accountable those responsible for these reprehensible acts.

The resilience and unwavering commitment of Marjorie Taylor Greene to carry out her duties as an elected official despite facing such adversity is commendable. However, the safety and well-being of public servants and their families must be prioritized, and concerted efforts must be made to put an end to these malicious and dangerous forms of harassment.


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