State Representative Andrews Calls for Impeachment of Secretary of State Bellows to Remove Trump from Maine Primary Ballot

Maine State Representative John Andrews (R-Paris) has filed a request for a Joint Order to impeach Secretary of State Shenna Bellows on Thursday. This move comes after Bellows issued a ruling regarding former President Donald J. Trump’s eligibility for Maine’s 2024 Presidential Primary ballot, which Andrews deemed as an abuse of power and an unconstitutional power grab. Andrews cited his constitutional right under Article IV: Part 1st: Section 8 ‘Power of impeachment’ as the basis for his impeachment request.

Andrews, who is a member of the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee, which oversees elections and the Office of the Secretary of State, has invoked his right to file the Joint Order. In his official letter, Andrews stated his intention to impeach Bellows for obstructing Trump’s right to appear on the Maine Republican Primary ballot, despite being a qualified American citizen and the 45th President of the United States. He argued that Trump should be allowed on the ballot, calling Bellows’ actions raw partisanship.

In a statement on his Facebook, Andrews accused Bellows of hyper-partisanship and claimed that she is banning Trump from the ballot to position herself for the 2026 Democrat Primary for Governor. Additionally, he took his views to social media, condemning Bellows’ actions as “hyper-partisanship on full display” and likening the situation to a “Banana Republic.”

Donald Trump’s campaign spokesman, Steven Cheung, joined the fray, condemning Bellows’ actions as a partisan effort to influence the upcoming election. Cheung described Bellows as a “virulent leftist” and a “hyper-partisan Biden-supporting Democrat” who is interfering in the presidential election on behalf of President Joe Biden.

Bellows, who previously ran for a Senate seat in 2014 but lost against Susan Collins, made the decision to remove Trump from the 2024 ballot. This decision has been met with sharp criticism, particularly given her previous statements emphasizing the fundamental right of American citizens to vote freely and fairly.

In a tweet, Bellows stated, “The fundamental right of any American citizen to vote freely, fairly and to have their vote counted is the premise of our democracy. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not values to be compromised away.”

This controversy has sparked a tense political standoff in Maine, with Andrews and Trump’s camp accusing Bellows of partisan motivation in her decision to bar Trump from the 2024 ballot. As the impeachment request unfolds, the political climate in Maine remains charged as the 2024 Presidential Primary draws closer.


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