Steve Buscemi assaulted in NYC: Crime reductions but concerns remain

Steve Buscemi, the Emmy Award-winning actor and ‘Boardwalk Empire’ star, was assaulted in New York City last week in a “random act of violence.” The Brooklyn-born actor, who had worked as a firefighter before pursuing a career in acting, was punched in the face by an unidentified male in Midtown Manhattan, just before noon on May 8. A spokesperson for the Office of the Deputy Commissioner Public Information (DCPI) stated that a 66-year-old male was transported to Bellevue Hospital for minor injuries to his left eye, with bruising, swelling and bleeding. The authorities could not confirm whether or not Buscemi was the victim of the attack. His publicist, however, did confirm he is recovering well.

The suspect, a male with dark skin tone, fled the scene straight after the attack. Witnesses say the individual was wearing a dark-coloured baseball cap, a blue t-shirt, black pants and white sneakers, and was carrying a book bag. The DCPI revealed that crimes in the Big Apple have been decreasing since April of this year, with almost 500 fewer major offences compared to last year. Murders, felonies, car thefts and shooting incidents reduced by more than 15%, while burglaries and larceny were down by 10%.

Despite this trend, NYPD did report a 7.2% increase in robberies, with 1,326 reported in April this year – up by nearly 100 incidents compared to the same month last year. The NYPD released a statement acknowledging these reductions, stating that “New York City saw continued reductions in overall crime through the first quarter of 2024.” City Mayor, Eric Adams, added that he believes the city to be “safe.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time in recent years that major attacks have been reported in the New York City area. Paul Stuhlbarg, the ‘Dopesick’ actor, was attacked by a homeless man in Central Park in March. The assailant threw a rock at the actor’s head, but was quickly apprehended by police following Mr Stuhlbarg’s attempt to pursue the suspect. Broadway star John Cardoza was another victim of violence when a panhandler held him at gunpoint during a robbery inside a Dunkin’ outlet in Upper Manhattan on Easter Sunday this year.

With an increase in violent assaults and robberies, many tourists and New Yorkers may be feeling concerned about their safety in New York City. For the time being, however, authorities claim that the city is still relatively safe, but those intending to visit the Big Apple should take extra precautions and be aware of their surroundings when walking around the city. A spokesperson also urged anyone who may have been present and witnessed Steve Buscemi’s attack to come forward with any information they may have to help the authorities identify and apprehend the attacker


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