Tonight on Gateway: Filmmaker Ami Horowitz, Tea Party Leader Debbie Dooley, and Ivory Hecker Jack Smith Developments

Tonight on Gateway: Beyond the Headlines, Ami Horowitz joins Ivory Hecker. The show will cover a range of pressing issues, including pro-Palestinian agitators plotting disruptions across the country. Filmmaker and PragerU contributor, Ami Horowitz, will join host Ivory Hecker to discuss the daily overreaches being witnessed.

Ivory will also look at the latest efforts by Jack Smith to hide evidence from a jury in the January 6th Trump case. Additionally, the show will cover the story of an Obama-appointed Judge who recently rejected a major First Amendment case.

Debbie Dooley, Co-Founder of the Tea Party Movement, is set to join Ivory to discuss the latest developments on Georgia’s election equipment. The insights shared are expected to be mind-blowing for the audience.

Finally, the show will delve into the sighting of a mysterious fireball in the sky over Iowa. In less surprising news, it will be revealed that only 3.4% of American journalists identify as Republicans. The show emphasizes that this is why VNN (Viral News Network) exists – to provide unbiased coverage of news events.

The sponsors for tonight’s episode include The Wellness Company, Zelenko Labs, and Naked Organs. Viewers can use the promo code “HEADLINES” to save 10% on products from these sponsors. Links to their websites are provided for easy access to their offerings.

The show promises to provide in-depth analysis and diverse perspectives on the pressing issues facing the country. With expert guests and insightful commentary, Gateway: Beyond the Headlines aims to keep viewers informed and engaged. Be sure to tune in for an eye-opening and thought-provoking episode.


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