Trump cautions of potential market crash and a new ‘Great Depression’ if he is defeated in White House race

This just in! Former President Donald Trump has made a shocking prediction for the future of the United States. He believes that if he doesn’t win the 2024 presidential election, the country will suffer from the biggest stock market crash in its history. This would be followed by an economic event reminiscent of the Great Depression.

Trump took to social media to voice his concerns about the state of the American economy under President Joe Biden. He described the current economic condition as “terrible,” citing the impact of high inflation on American households. According to Trump, the economy is only being kept afloat by the previous administration’s accomplishments, and the cumulative level of inflation since he left office is over 30 percent.

The official government data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that prices have risen by around 17 percent since President Biden took office. However, an alternative measure of inflation suggests that the figure could be over 30 percent. Despite the Biden administration’s assurances about the economy, various economic indicators, such as declining job openings and reduced manufacturing activity, point to a different reality.

President Trump pointed out that while markets have been performing well and consumer sentiment has seen an increase, much of this could be attributed to expectations around the 2024 election. He claimed that the stock market’s current high levels are based on the belief that he will win the election. If he doesn’t, Trump predicts a stock market crash worse than that of 1929.

The prospect of an economic meltdown under a different administration comes at a time when recent polling has shown that Trump leads President Biden by 18 points on the issue of who is most trusted with the economy. President Biden’s approval rating, as indicated by a recent Monmouth University Poll, has hit an all-time low, with voters giving the president poor marks on immigration and the economy.

The Heritage Foundation recently estimated that inflation is costing the typical American family around $7,400 in lost annual income. Meanwhile, immigration issues continue to loom large, with President Biden’s term seeing a record number of illegal immigrant encounters and apprehensions at the southern border. Only 3 in 10 Americans feel that President Biden is giving enough attention to their most important issues.

As the 2024 election looms large on the horizon, the debate about the future of the U.S. economy is intensifying. Whether Trump’s predictions will come true remains to be seen, but they are undoubtedly causing a stir in political and economic circles. The American people will be watching closely as future events unfold.


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