Tucker Carlson lambasts Ben Shapiro, declares lack of concern for America in recent video clip

In a recent appearance on Breaking Points with Saagar Enjeti, Tucker Carlson delivered a scathing criticism of conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and his fellow Never-Trumpers. Enjeti expressed his bewilderment at the lack of concern for American citizens exhibited by the right-wing ecosystem, particularly in the context of their unwavering support for Ukraine and Israel.

Tucker Carlson took the opportunity to defend his position of prioritizing American interests, especially in the aftermath of an attack on Israel by Hamas. He emphasized his perspective of considering the impact on the United States, rather than being swayed by emotions or allegiances to other nations.

The backlash Carlson received for suggesting the Gazan ‘refugees’ remain in the region instead of being brought to the United States deeply offended him. He questioned the logic behind bringing individuals deemed too dangerous to stay in their own region into the United States and expressed his disgust at the lack of regard for his country and its citizens.

Labeling Tucker Carlson as a hater and a bigot for his views did not faze him, as he dismissed these accusations as baseless attacks that held no weight. He reaffirmed his commitment to prioritizing the interests of America and its citizens, despite the attempts to vilify him.

Furthermore, Carlson launched into a blistering critique of Ben Shapiro, questioning his loyalty to America and expressing disbelief at his ability to attract an audience of individuals who claim to prioritize the well-being of the country. This pointed criticism underscored Carlson’s frustration with the perceived lack of genuine concern for America among conservative figures like Shapiro.

The exchange between Carlson and Enjeti on Breaking Points has sparked discussions and reactions across social media. The video of the segment has circulated widely, eliciting diverse responses from viewers and amplifying the contentious debate surrounding the priorities and allegiances of influential conservative voices.

Overall, the conversation between Tucker Carlson and Saagar Enjeti shed light on the deep-seated divisions and conflicting perspectives within the right-wing ecosystem, particularly concerning the prioritization of American interests and the level of support afforded to other nations. The passionate and unfiltered exchange underscored the ongoing turmoil and ideological struggles within conservative circles, signaling a broader debate that is far from reaching a resolution.


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