Ukraine Launches Missile Strike on Belgorod, Russia – 20 Dead, 100+ Injured – Putin Convenes Emergency Meeting

Zelensky’s Forces Reportedly Bomb Belgorod, Russia, Killing at Least 20 in Missile Strike

Reports emerged today that Ukrainian forces bombed the Russian city of Belgorod, using NATO-supplied weapons. The attack resulted in at least 20 deaths and over 100 injuries, prompting Russian President Vladimir Putin to call for an emergency meeting.

The attack on Belgorod is seen as a desperate move by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, as Ukrainian forces continue to lose ground in eastern Ukraine. The use of NATO-supplied weapons in the attack has raised concerns about the involvement of Western powers in the conflict.

Following the attack, Russia accused Ukraine of carrying out the bombing, which included the use of cluster bombs. The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, stated that Russia had requested a meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the incident. The Defence Ministry added that most of the rockets used in the attack had been shot down.

Belgorod, the city targeted in the attack, is located north of the Ukrainian border. Russia responded to the attack at the United Nations, emphasizing that the perpetrators of the attack would be punished and accusing the Kiev regime of attempting to kill as many Russian people as possible.

Now, let’s take a look at the reporting from various news sources. reported that shelling in the center of Belgorod resulted in the deaths of 18 people, including two children, and the injury of 111. The report also mentioned the use of cluster bombs in the attack, which took place one day after an 18-hour aerial barrage by Russia in Ukraine, resulting in at least 39 civilian deaths.

Another report from CBS News highlighted that the shelling in Belgorod resulted in 21 deaths, including three children. These developments come in the wake of Moscow’s aerial attacks across Ukraine.

The international community is closely monitoring the situation, with many expressing concern about the escalation of hostilities between Ukraine and Russia. The use of NATO-supplied weapons in the attack has also sparked debate about the role of Western powers in the conflict.

As the death toll continues to rise and the situation in the region remains volatile, it is imperative for international leaders to engage in dialogue and work towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


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