Undocumented Migrants to Receive Free Health Care in California Starting January 1, 2024

In a shocking turn of events, California is set to become the first state to offer free health care to all qualifying individuals regardless of their immigration status or age. It’s a move that has sparked controversy and drawn criticism from conservatives who argue it will only encourage more illegal immigration.

For the past decade, Democrats have been pushing for free health care for illegal aliens in the United States. They were open to the idea as far back as 2009, and in 2018, California Democrat Gavin Newsom campaigned on the promise of universal health care for all illegal aliens.

Fast forward to 2019, and Newsom signed a bill into law that gave taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal aliens. And now, in the year 2022, Newsom has proposed a budget that would pay for all illegal immigrants to have free health care in California.

According to The New York Post, California will start offering free health care to all undocumented immigrants who qualify for the state’s government-run health insurance program. This comes as the state faces a $68 billion deficit in the next fiscal year, raising concerns about the financial burden of such a move.

The expansion of the Medi-Cal health insurance program has been steadily unfolding in California, with undocumented children becoming eligible for taxpayer-funded healthcare in 2015. Under the leadership of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, the program was further extended to cover undocumented adults between the ages of 19-25 and those over 50.

With the latest expansion set to take effect on January 1, 2023, around 700,000 undocumented immigrants aged 26-49 will now be eligible for full coverage under the program. This move has been hailed by California Democrats as a historic investment in healthcare as a human right.

However, the move has raised concerns about the implications it will have on immigration patterns and the strain it will place on California’s already overburdened healthcare system. Critics argue that offering free health care to illegal aliens will only encourage more individuals to cross the border illegally and put additional pressure on the state’s resources.

As the debate over immigration and healthcare continues to divide lawmakers and citizens alike, California’s decision to offer free health care to all qualifying individuals, regardless of their immigration status, is sure to spark further controversy in the days and weeks to come.


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