Virginia Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears Asserts America’s Continued Exceptionalism

Winsome Sears made history in 2021 by becoming Virginia’s first female lieutenant governor and the first black woman to hold statewide office. A Republican, Sears is also the first Jamaican immigrant and female military veteran to hold the position. In an interview with EpochTV, she claimed that her accomplishments have not been widely celebrated because it challenges Democrat narratives.

She addressed the accusations that Republicans hate immigrants, black people, and women, claiming to be living proof that these narratives are false. Sears also seeks to dispel the notion that the American dream is unattainable and believes that America is exceptional despite its flaws.

As a conservative black woman, Sears has encountered accusations that she is “not black enough.” She rejected these divisive arguments, asserting that Americans have the freedom to make their own decisions about their political affiliations. She believes that Republicans are not the political savior of black Americans and advocates for government intervention to be reduced.

Sears shared her father’s story of arriving in the United States in 1963 with only $1.75 to his name. Despite the challenges he faced, he believed in the opportunities America could offer and saw it as a place of opportunity for all. Sears believes that the influx of immigrants at the southern border shares her father’s belief in the opportunities that America provides.

Sears believes that her own success as the second-in-command in the former capital of the Confederate States is evidence that America has made progress on the issue of race. While acknowledging that there are still problems, she believes America is the best country and should be preserved.

She also warned of the dangers of socialism, drawing on her experiences in her native Jamaica. Sears argued that the ideals of socialism and communism may sound appealing in theory, but the practice breeds resentment and centralizes power in the state. She noted that during the COVID-19 pandemic, constitutional rights were “trampled” as the government imposed strict mandates, closing schools and businesses.

To prevent such infringements from happening again, Sears called for better education on the founding principles of America. She also encouraged people not to let fear control them, emphasizing the importance of courage in the face of adversity.

Winsome Sears’ remarks shed light on her experiences as she shattered barriers in Virginia’s political landscape. Her groundbreaking achievements and warnings about socialist ideologies contribute to the ongoing dialogue about America’s future.


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