We Need a 20 Percent Deflation

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Gold just hit a record high, Bitcoin is on the march, and the middle class is disappearing, with rampant and destructive inflation as the most obvious signal of declining prosperity. And yet, even now, it’s already started: the warnings of the coming deflation.
It’s all because we’ve experienced some price declines in some sectors. The CEO of WalMart expects more. Many people do.
That’s a welcome relief. It should be expanded to all sectors, including food, which is up at least 30 percent over four years.
Consumers are still waiting for a return to 2019 prices, hoping against hope. Keep in mind, that would require a solid 20 percent drop in prices across the board. This would bend the curves in the right direction and thus eliminate the wild distortions of the last four years, and get us back to the prosperity we once knew….


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