Whistleblowers reveal US government trailed credentialed reporter on multiple flights for 2 years after reporting at Jan 6 protests

Tayler Hansen is widely known for his brave and honest reporting of various contentious issues, including violent protests, the open US border, and explicit pornographic content accessible to children. His exceptional work as an independent journalist has earned him significant recognition and praise from many quarters. Over the years, Tayler has covered violent protests and has made appearances on FOX News, where he has been featured in interviews with top anchors such as Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham.

One of the most notable events in Tayler’s reporting career occurred on January 6, 2021, when he was reporting from the US Capitol during the protests. He had also attended protests in Washington DC on the 5th. On the day of the event, Tayler found himself amongst the crowd outside of the Capitol as the police initiated an indiscriminate and unexpected firing on the Trump supporters. In a harrowing moment, he helped extinguish a man who had caught on fire after being hit by a projectile fired by the police.

Moreover, Tayler was inside the building as a credentialed reporter and was in close proximity to Ashli Babbitt when she was shot by Officer Byrd without any prior warning. In 2021, Tayler wrote for The Gateway Pundit, with his first article for the publication detailing his experiences during the January 6 protests, offering a perspective that diverged from the prevailing media narrative at the time.

In his article, Tayler provided an insider’s view of the Capitol Siege and questioned whether it was a genuine insurrection or a setup. He highlighted the discrepancies in the media’s portrayal of the events and offered a different perspective on what truly transpired that day. His work received considerable attention and was even cited in government reports, further underscoring the impact of his reporting.

Despite being a credentialed reporter on January 6th, Tayler expressed concerns regarding the government’s overreach in the aftermath of the violent protests. In a shocking revelation, he shared evidence on his Twitter account, indicating that the government had been monitoring his air travel for over two years, with evidence of 12 flights involving 48 different Air Marshalls. This surveillance reportedly incurred a substantial cost to US taxpayers, prompting Tayler to question the government’s allocation of funds and advocate for Republican opposition against such misuse of public resources.

Overall, Tayler Hansen’s unwavering commitment to truthful and fearless journalism has made a significant impact, bringing to light critical issues and challenging prevailing narratives. His valiant reporting from dangerous situations, along with his thought-provoking insights, has cemented his reputation as an outstanding independent journalist dedicated to upholding the principles of transparency and accountability.


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