Norifusa Mita’s Archimedes no Taisen Manga Makes Digital Move to Kodansha’s Yanmaga Web

In an exciting development for manga fans, Norifusa Mita’s popular series, Archimedes no Taisen (The Great War of Archimedes), will be making its online debut on Kodansha’s Yanmaga Web website starting July 6. This announcement was made in the 31st issue of Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine.

Archimedes no Taisen, created by Mita, known for his works Investor Z and Dragon Zakura, first appeared in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine in November 2015. The manga has garnered a significant following, and now readers will have the opportunity to access new chapters every Thursday through the Yanmaga Web platform.

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Supervising the manga is Kazunobu Gotō, who ensures the quality and consistency of the series. With this move to Yanmaga Web, Kodansha aims to expand the reach of Archimedes no Taisen and provide a convenient digital reading experience for fans. This transition to the online platform reflects the growing trend of manga consumption in the digital space.

To celebrate the migration, Kodansha also revealed its plans to release compiled book volumes of Archimedes no Taisen for the next six months. The publication will commence with the 33rd volume, which hit the shelves on Thursday. Fans can look forward to immersing themselves in the intriguing storyline and captivating artwork as they delve deeper into the world of Archimedes no Taisen.

Furthermore, the 34th volume of the manga is scheduled for release on August 4. This regular release pattern demonstrates Kodansha’s commitment to delivering a consistent stream of content to satisfy the fervent readership.

Archimedes no Taisen has already made a significant impact beyond the manga medium. The captivating storyline and compelling characters inspired a live-action film adaptation in 2019, which brought the narrative to life on the big screen. Additionally, in 2020, fans had the opportunity to witness the thrilling story unfold on stage through a stage play adaptation.

The move to Kodansha’s Yanmaga Web marks a new chapter in the journey of Archimedes no Taisen, opening doors to a wider audience and providing existing fans with greater accessibility. As the series finds its new online home, readers can anticipate immersing themselves in the ongoing war that unfolds within the pages of this gripping manga.

Source: Weekly Young Magazine issue 31.


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