2.6 Million Honda Vehicles in U.S. to be Recalled Due to Denso Pump Issue

Honda Motor Co. has announced the recall of approximately 2.6 million vehicles in the United States due to a defective fuel pump manufactured by Denso Corp, a Japanese automotive parts supplier. The company stated that the faulty fuel pumps could cause the engine to stall while driving, potentially leading to a crash. However, American Honda assured that there have been no reported crashes or injuries related to the defective pumps so far.

The vehicles affected by the recall include popular models such as Accord, Civic, CR-V, and Acura, which were released between 2018 and 2020. This recall comes as part of a global effort to address the issue, with Honda already having conducted similar recalls since 2020. The total number of vehicles affected by the fuel pump problem worldwide has now reached 4.5 million, including those included in the latest recall. A Honda official has indicated that this number is likely to increase further as the company continues to investigate.

In addition to the United States, Honda has also notified the Japanese transport ministry of its plans to recall around 1.13 million vehicles in Japan, including the N-Box, due to the defective fuel pumps. The company’s efforts to address the issue are part of a wider industry response, with Toyota Motor Corp. and other automakers also taking similar steps to address the problem with the fuel pumps manufactured by Denso Corp.

The issue of defective fuel pumps has raised concerns about potential safety hazards for drivers and the general public. It is crucial for automotive manufacturers to address such problems promptly to ensure the safety and well-being of consumers. Honda’s commitment to recalling and replacing the faulty fuel pumps in their vehicles demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing safety concerns and maintaining customer trust.

Owners of the affected vehicles are encouraged to contact their local Honda dealership or authorized service center to schedule an inspection and, if necessary, have the defective fuel pump replaced. In the meantime, customers are advised to be cautious while driving their vehicles and to seek assistance from Honda if they experience any issues related to the fuel pump.

The recall of 2.6 million vehicles in the United States is part of Honda’s ongoing efforts to rectify the fuel pump problem and ensure the safety of its customers. The company’s decision to take swift and decisive action to address the issue reflects its commitment to upholding high safety standards and delivering quality products to consumers. As the automotive industry continues to address the challenges posed by defective components, it is essential for manufacturers to prioritize safety and act responsibly to mitigate potential risks for drivers and passengers.


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