Suspected Cache of Rocket Launchers, Handguns, Hand Grenades Found near Kitakyushu River

A cache of what are suspected to be rocket launchers, handguns, and hand grenades has been discovered on a river plain in Kitakyushu. The Fukuoka prefectural police disclosed this revelation on Friday. It is believed that these weapons were dumped in this region. It is being reported that police are working on investigating the credibility of the weapons and possibly connecting them to organized criminal gangs.

The local police have confirmed that a man and woman in their seventies stumbled upon the cache during a walk along the plain beside the Murasaki River in Kokura-Minami Ward. The civilian couple immediately reported their findings to the police at roughly 4 pm on Thursday. Upon responding, law enforcement scoured the area and located an initial plastic box of weapons concealed in the natural grass. A subsequent search was conducted and additional containers were discovered, each containing rocket launchers that exceeded one meter in length and ammunition cartridges.

The plethora of caches were equipped with a bevy of suspicious items which include rocket launchers, live ammunition, and other weaponry. The vastness of the collected material demanded a lengthened two-day search to locate all of the potential hazard


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