Barrier at viral Mount Fuji photo spot to be replaced after holes found

The iconic view of Mount Fuji from a convenience store in the town of Fujikawaguchiko, Yamanashi Prefecture has caused quite a stir on social media. However, the popularity of the location has caused chaos, as foreign tourists continue to flock to the convenience store to take selfies with the majestic mountain in the background. Subsequently, the local authorities placed a black screen to block the view, which was causing traffic problems and other nuisances in the area. According to reports, the town experienced troublesome behavior from tourists that included jaywalking and illegally parked vehicles. The authorities posted warnings in English and deployed security guards to manage the crowds, but these measures proved inadequate. Therefore, the town decided to set up the black screen in front of the convenience store to stop visitors from flocking to the site. However, the screen's installation has not gone as per plan. The authorities discovered multiple holes in the fabric of the black screen just one day after putting it up. Since then, the number of holes has increased, much to the disappointment of the mayor Hideyuki Watanabe of Fujikawaguchiko. Mayor Watanabe voiced his disappointment at the lack of morals among the people making the holes. In response to the issue, the town officials have announced that they would replace the current screen with stronger material, and the color could change to blue or green. According to the Mayor, black has a negative image, and the new color suggestion will enhance the view and make for a better photo opportunity for tourists. The local authorities have also put up a sign in English requesting visitors not to touch the screen and assuring them that it would be repaired as necessary. However, it seems the sign has not deterred visitors from trying to damage the screen. According to sources, the surge in visitors has been due to the spot becoming popular on social media platforms. The sight of Japan's highest mountain towering over the convenience store quickly went viral, and people started flocking to the area to take a picture. Unfortunately, the location has caused chaos in the town, leading to the authorities' intervention. While the town wants to promote tourism, they also want to preserve their local culture and maintain peace and order. The issue with the black screen is only one of the many challenges the town may have to endure in the near future if the influx of tourists continues to increase. In conclusion, cutting-edge technology and social media have made it possible to share beautiful sights, but we should also remember to respect the environment and the people who live there. Furthermore, promoting sustainable tourism can be beneficial for both tourists and locals in the long run. For now, the town officials will continue to tackle the issue and monitor the situation to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved

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