2024 Christmas Season Could Face ‘Cataclysmic’ Changes, Warns WEF

World War III, cyber-attacks, and economic meltdowns could change life forever; all three scenarios are simmering and ready to explode. As we approach December 31, despite the holiday cheer and enthusiasm, many have expressed relief that 2023 is finally coming to a close. However, there is a growing sense that even darker times could be lurking just around the corner in 2024. For the U.S., perched atop the global order, life is seemingly normal, despite increasingly expensive food and energy costs. But with superpowers at loggerheads over paving the way for a new era marked by artificial intelligence and digital currencies, World War III may be closer than we think. According to the World Economic Forum’s managing director, Jeremy Jurgens, a major cyber-attack is expected to take place before 2025. With talk of apocalyptic cyber attacks and warnings from influential figures like Klaus Schwab, the future looks grim.

The propagation of a “Great Reset” of the world order has been on the horizon for quite some time now. Threats of potential crises from a series of major cyber-attacks to other catastrophic events, such as an EMP or nuclear war, have been used by globalist elites to expedite their sinister plans. The death of the petrodollar and the U.S. dollar’s inevitable downfall has been hinted at with the sharp spike in the price of gold and the United Arab Emirates’ decision to stop selling its oil in U.S. dollars. This has far-reaching ramifications for the U.S.’s global dominance, especially with China and Saudi Arabia, the biggest financiers of U.S. debt, increasingly abandoning U.S. treasuries. The transition to local currencies for global transactions is on the horizon, striking a death knell for the petrodollar and setting the stage for a new world economic order.

The writing is on the wall; the U.S.’s hegemony faces an uncertain future in the wake of these developments. In a bid to preserve the U.S.-led liberal rules-based order, the U.S. and NATO are stepping up their opposition to Global BRICS, an emerging alliance of economic powerhouses. With this looming transition to a new global economic order, the balance of power is on the cusp of a dramatic shift, threatening U.S. military-industrial complex and its legacy of endless wars since World War II.

As the signs of impending doom on a global scale grow more glaring, the imminent arrival of a new world order cannot be overstated. With BRICS members wielding control over nuclear arsenals, oil, precious metals, diamonds, and rare-earth minerals, a new era beckons, making it all the more critical to pay attention to the geopolitical landscape. Behind the scenes, a high-stakes battle for global dominance is unfolding and the consequences will be far-reaching. As we stand on the brink of World War III, a period of significant economic and political upheaval is on the horizon. However, could there be a silver lining as the U.S.’s military might faces an existential threat? The road ahead may be fraught with adversity, but the prospect of changes that bring a semblance of parity in global affairs marks a landmark shift in the international landscape.


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