Ablechild Report Suggests Mass Killings More Likely Linked to Big Pharma Than Guns


In a recent article by, it was revealed that the true cause behind mass murders is not the guns used but rather the drugs pushed on innocents by Big Pharma. This groundbreaking public service announcement (PSA) brings to light the concerning link between psychiatric drugs and violent behavior.

AbleChild reports that after every mass shooting, the behavioral health industry fails to accurately present the number of individuals on psychiatric drugs linked to violence and suicide at the time of their death. The industry’s failure to disclose this crucial information is misleading and unacceptable. Privacy laws are then used to shield this data from public view, making it impossible for lawmakers to pass appropriate legislation without accurate information.

The PSA released by AbleChild aims to inform the public about the unseen power and control the pharmaceutical industry has in misleading police investigations of mass killings. It also highlights the industry insiders participating in investigative panels, creating an environment of potential cover-ups. The media’s failure to ask hard-hitting questions further compounds the issue.

The organization’s efforts to bring attention to this important issue extend to a petition for federal hearings on the link between mass shootings and psychiatric drug products and services. By shedding light on the compromised data that enhances behavioral health profits, AbleChild hopes to bring about change in the industry’s practices.

The video released by AbleChild provides valuable insight into the hidden dangers of psychiatric drugs and their role in mass shootings. It’s a powerful call to action to address the root cause of mass murders and prioritize public safety. The organization’s plea for federal hearings on this crucial issue underscores the need for transparency and accountability in the behavioral health industry.

AbleChild’s commitment to bringing this issue to the forefront is commendable, and their efforts to inform the public about the dangers of psychiatric drugs are both timely and necessary. As the PSA gains attention, it’s crucial for lawmakers, law enforcement, and the public to heed the organization’s call for change. By standing with AbleChild and supporting their efforts, we can work towards a safer and more transparent future in the behavioral health industry.

In conclusion, AbleChild’s groundbreaking PSA serves as a wake-up call to the public, urging them to recognize the dangers of psychiatric drugs and demand accountability from the industry. By raising awareness and advocating for change, the organization is taking a crucial step toward ensuring public safety and addressing the root cause of mass murders.


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