African Migrants Caught at Border with Instructions to Reach Philadelphia Center, According to Melugin Video

The Biden administration is facing a growing crisis at the border as record numbers of illegal immigrants continue to pour into the United States. It is estimated that more than 300,000 illegals will enter the US in December alone, making it a record month for illegal border crossings according to Customs and Border Protection.

On Thursday morning, more than 700 illegals crossed the southern border into the US in Lukeville, Arizona. This influx is not limited to one specific nationality or demographic – Fox News reporter Bill Melugin noted that adult men from all over the world are crossing the border, as well as families from Mexico and Ecuador.

Among the illegals are individuals from Guinea in western Africa, highlighting the global nature of the crisis. Many of them express zero fear of deportation, expecting to be released into the US after crossing the border illegally.

Bill Melugin interviewed some of the illegals, who disclosed their countries of origin as Mali, Senegal, and Guinea. They expressed their intention to seek work and opportunity in the US, with little concern about the legal consequences of their actions.

One man from Guinea, who had just crossed the border into Lukeville, AZ, told Melugin that he planned to go to Philadelphia. He had an address for a local community center, and when Melugin looked it up, it turned out to be the place he was supposed to go to.

While a majority of the illegals are adult men, there are also family units making the journey. However, the alarming trend of young, military-aged males arriving on their own continues to be a cause for concern.

Aside from Lukeville, Arizona, Eagle Pass, Texas is also grappling with a surge of illegal immigrants. Video footage captured by Bill Melugin shows thousands of migrants waiting to be processed by Border Patrol after crossing into the US.

The scale of this influx can only be described as an invasion on a catastrophic level, with the Biden administration facing mounting pressure to address the ongoing crisis at the border.


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