Alisha Lehmann Introduces ‘Be Brave’ Vanity Kit on Ultimate Team™️ in EA SPORTS FC 24

Alisha Lehmann, the star player of Aston Villa, is making headlines with the release of her new ‘Be Brave’ vanity kit in Ultimate Team™️ on EA Sports FC 24. This is Lehmann’s second vanity collection with EA Sports, and the ‘Be Brave’ kit is a personal motto for the Swiss international. She even has the same words tattooed on her neck as a constant reminder not to hide her true self to please others.

In an interview with 90min, Lehmann expressed her disbelief at the opportunity she has been given. She said, “If you would have told me as a little girl growing up near Bern I would be launching my own Vanity Kit on EA Sports FC I would’ve laughed in your face so for girls from small towns like mine it just proves anything is possible if you have the determination and desire.” She also highlighted the importance of self-expression and staying true to oneself, especially for young girls who aspire to play football.

The design of the vanity kit holds personal significance for Lehmann as well. She revealed that the design is inspired by a rose tattoo that she and her family members share. “The rose is very symbolic, especially the ‘Red Rose’. My mum and sister have the same tattoo, we got them together, it symbolises us as a family, growing together, with love and happiness. Now through my Vanity Kit I can share this with the world,” she said.

Apart from the personal message behind the kit, Lehmann also emphasized the importance of female representation on EA Sports FC 24. She views her role as an ambassador for the game as a means to raise the profile of women’s sports and inspire young players to pursue their dreams. She acknowledged the impact of EA Sports FC in increasing the visibility of women’s football and the growing interest in the Women’s Super League (WSL).

As a professional footballer, Lehmann understands the significance of the exposure that the WSL is receiving through platforms like EA Sports FC. She believes that the increased coverage on TV and the ability for young kids to play as their favorite players on the game is a positive development for the sport.

In conclusion, Alisha Lehmann’s ‘Be Brave’ vanity kit on EA Sports FC 24 carries a powerful message of self-expression and empowerment, reflecting her personal journey as a footballer. The release of the kit also underscores the growing importance of female representation in the world of sports and the positive impact of platforms like EA Sports FC in promoting women’s football. Alisha Lehmann’s influence as an ambassador for the game is a testament to the changing landscape of women’s sports and the opportunities available to inspire the next generation of athletes.


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