All domestic flights on Japanese airline will welcome pets starting in January

In an unprecedented move, a Japanese airline has announced that it will be welcoming small dogs and cats on board all of its domestic flights starting this January. This new pet-friendly policy is a part of the airline’s efforts to attract more passengers and offer a unique experience for pet owners.

The airline, whose name has not been disclosed yet, has specified that only small dogs and cats will be allowed on board, and they must be kept in a carry-on pet carrier that fits under the passenger’s seat. The pets must also be at least 10 weeks old and have all the necessary vaccinations and documentation.

Many airlines around the world have strict rules when it comes to traveling with pets, so this decision by the Japanese airline is certainly a bold and progressive one. By allowing pets on board, the airline is not only tapping into a new market of pet owners but also providing a convenience that many travelers with pets have longed for.

This move comes at a time when the travel industry is facing a decline in passenger numbers due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With travel restrictions and fear of the virus, many people are opting to stay home rather than travel. By allowing pets on board, the airline hopes to attract more passengers and set itself apart from its competitors.

The decision to allow pets on board is likely to be welcomed by pet owners who often struggle to find suitable arrangements for their pets when they travel. Instead of having to leave their furry friends behind or find alternative accommodation for them, pet owners can now bring them along on their travels without any hassle.

While this policy change is sure to bring joy to many pet owners, it is important to consider the potential challenges and concerns that may arise. For instance, there is the issue of allergies among passengers, as well as the behavior and well-being of the pets during the flight.

The airline has assured that the pets will be seated in a designated area of the cabin, separated from other passengers, and that all necessary precautions will be taken to ensure the comfort and safety of both the pets and the passengers. Additionally, the airline will have certain restrictions in place to ensure that the presence of pets on board does not cause any inconvenience to other passengers.

Overall, the decision by the Japanese airline to allow pets on board its domestic flights is a bold and progressive move that is sure to attract a new segment of travelers. By offering a pet-friendly travel experience, the airline is not only differentiating itself from its competitors but also providing a solution for pet owners who wish to travel with their beloved animals. This move could potentially set a new standard for pet-friendly travel in the aviation industry and inspire other airlines to follow suit.


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