American Country Singer Zach Bryan and Girlfriend Survive Terrifying Car Accident: Importance of Seatbelt Safety

Zach Bryan, an American country singer, and his girlfriend, Brianna LaPaglia, recently experienced a terrifying car accident. LaPaglia, a well-known podcaster for Barstool Sports, shared details of the incident in a social media video on May 14. The couple was on the road for Bryan’s “Quittin Time” tour when their vehicle crashed and flipped multiple times.

LaPaglia, who is 24-years-old, explained that the crash was traumatizing and left the couple in fear for their lives. She said, “Zach and I got into a traumatizing side-by-side crash. It flipped a bunch of times, everything shattered and Thank God we had our seatbelts on. But there was a lot of blood, and we thought … we were saying goodbye to each other.”

Fortunately, an ambulance arrived at the scene and treated their injuries. The couple was not severely hurt, and Bryan even made it to his shows in Little Rock, Arkansas, on May 13 and May 14. Fans who attended the concert noticed that Bryan was sporting an arm bandage during his set.

After the incident, LaPaglia stressed the importance of vehicle safety and wearing a seatbelt. She emphasized that wearing a seatbelt could be the difference between life and death in the event of an accident.

LaPaglia said, “I will be that annoying person, I will spend the rest of my life saying, ‘Wear your seat belts.’ I’ve always been a seat belt wearer just because my parents always made me. And, in high school, a neighborhood friend passed away and wasn’t wearing a seat belt.”

She added that as a creator with a significant platform, she hopes that her fans will take her advice and start wearing their seatbelts. “But I was never the person to be like, ‘Put your seatbelt on. Wear a seat belt.’ I was like people are gonna do what they want to do.’ Not anymore … If we didn’t have our seat belts on, we would literally be decapitated—broken necks or dead.”

Bryan also took to his Instagram story to express his gratitude for his girlfriend, who he commended for holding everyone together after the accident. “You’re my muse Brianna, and I don’t understand how the hell you hold it together when people around you can’t. Thank you forever and always no matter what.”

It’s well-known that improperly wearing a seatbelt can put you at risk, and airbags are not enough protection. Over 25,000 passenger vehicle occupants were killed in 2022, with 50% of those not wearing seatbelts. Moreover, nearly 60% of backseat passengers who were killed in a car crash were also unbuckled.

It’s essential to remember that wearing a seatbelt can save your life in an accident. So next time you get in your car, buckle up, and stay safe on the road


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