Anna Cardwell’s Final Days to Appear on Mama June: Road to Redemption

Mama June: Road to Redemption began with the tragic passing of Anna Cardwell, the daughter of June Shannon. Fighting cancer, and diagnosed too late, she left our world at the age of 29, and her family went public with the news through an Instagram announcement from June. It was simple, but the heartache was evident, especially when you consider how much ping-ponging Anna did between her mom, her dad, and herself.

Anna’s smile was as bright as her fight, always looking for the silver lining, inclusion, and fantastic storytelling. Nonetheless, and most deplorably, her days in hospice were well-documented by WEtv cameras and will be shown on Mama June: Road to Redemption.

As fans of the show know, it was Anna’s battle with addiction that put her at odds with June and forced her to prove that she could get clean and stay so, in order to win back her family’s trust and rebuild her relationships.

Clearly, offering the network and other media platforms full access to such a vulnerable and intimate time in their lives is a bizarre, if not cruel, decision, to some. June coming back barely a year into her sobriety, she’s already under fire; her “redemption” may not happen after all.

Now, fans are left to wonder if Mama June just exploited her own daughter’s final days to secure her own career. Anna’s fans understand that her permitting cameras to document her cancer battle was a clear desire made public on social media, yet allowing WEtv to partake was unmistakably a different story.

This is the same woman who once sold photos of her boyfriend, Geno Doak, blowing through any type of drug she could get her hands on. It’s not a far stretch for followers to question. It’s Mama June exploiting her child’s death or Mama June, anthologizing her legacy?

Anna’s oldest daughter, Kaitlyn, has been living with Mama June since Anna’s death, while the little one, Kylee, lives with Anna’s ex. Will WEtv spin this as part of the storyline with the added tragedy’s bonus?

It’s an incredibly sad time and June talked to her followers about it. “This is definitely what broke me but doesn’t mean I’m broken we all cry because I know how much this lady means to us and how much she truly meant to everyone,” June said.

Whether or not her coming public was prompted by the newcomers or exes, June remains vigilant and understanding of any cruelty she’s facing. “I vow to continue to do Peggy and [Booger] right and forward them what I couldn’t,” Shannon said. “Anna’s guard never came down.”

It’s a humble idea to be sure. The general consensus will be in holding potential viewers accountable as they look at the program as a potential death spectacle worthy of some respect, understanding, and compassion.


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