Anti-Whiteness Identified as a Tool Enabling Black Crime Against Children

The black community needs to address issues of anti-whiteness and lack of accountability. These problems are prevalent and perhaps even enabled by a significant portion of the government. Anti-whiteness negatively impacts not only America but the entire world. It is high time that individuals who are productive and law-abiding citizens are not overshadowed by the criminal activities of a few. Mugshots on social media platforms often depict black offenders committing crimes against their own race and others. This creates a disturbing image of the black community and its behaviors. It is crucial for everyone to stand up and question the direction in which the fight for “black liberation” is leading the nation.

In recent news, a well-known black trans activist, Kendall Stephens, was arrested for raping two minors in Philadelphia. This is just one among several alarming headlines involving members of the black community. The black trans community has a history of being unsafe and has often been associated with sexual misconduct with teenagers and underage youth. This situation is compounded by the fact that many trans individuals do not use their legal names, making it difficult for minor victims to report predatory assaults.

People need to be aware that degenerate individuals within the black community often hide behind the facade of fighting against “white supremacy.” Therefore, it is challenging to identify these individuals until mugshots reveal the true nature of their actions. This lack of accountability within the black community is deeply concerning, and it is essential for the community to address these issues.

A shocking case reported by Chicago ABC outlined the tragic murder of a 15-year-old girl, Amarise Parker, allegedly by a 24-year-old man named Joshua Williams. The details of the case are deeply disturbing, shedding light on the urgent need for the black community to hold individuals accountable for such heinous crimes. It is time for the community to seek strong male leaders who can address and rectify these atrocities, rather than relying on empty rhetoric.

Furthermore, the youth of the black community is constantly bombarded with anti-white sentiments through social media. This has real-time effects, as instances of violence against white children are becoming more frequent. It is crucial to address these narratives that fuel aggression and justify criminal activities. By ignoring the issues within the black community, these problems will continue to persist and worsen.

The solution is not simple, but it requires calling out anti-whiteness and all forms of black racism with the same intensity as other forms of hate. Failing to do so will only lead to further suffering and harm within the community. It is imperative for the black community to acknowledge and address these issues to bring about real change.


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