Biden Administration’s Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Release of Wolves in Colorado Cattle Country

The Biden administration’s Fish and Wildlife Service has announced plans to reintroduce the Gray Wolf into cattle country in Colorado, a decision that has sparked anger among local ranchers. The move comes despite opposition from the cattle industry, with ranchers even suing to delay the measure. The reintroduction of wolves is seen as a threat to livestock, with attacks on cattle and sheep seen as inevitable by many in the agricultural community.

The decision to reintroduce wolves into Colorado is raising concerns among ranchers, who question the wisdom of the move. It’s clear that the people behind this decision may not have firsthand experience in raising cattle or sheep, as they seem to lack an understanding of the potential impact on the livestock industry. The consequences of reintroducing wolves into an area with a large cattle population could be detrimental to ranchers’ livelihoods and the local economy.

According to a report by PJ Media, the Fish and Wildlife Service’s plan to release up to 50 wolves in Colorado cattle country comes on the heels of a similar controversial initiative involving grizzly bears. This decision has been met with opposition from local residents and the cattle industry, but the agency pushed the issue to the voters, resulting in a narrow approval of Proposition 114.

While wolves are indeed majestic creatures, they are also known to be intelligent and strategic predators. Their presence in cattle country could lead to conflicts with ranchers and livestock, given their preference for an easy meal. Historically, the presence of wolves in the area led to confrontations with ranchers, with the wolves being hunted until they were driven out of the region.

For the ranchers in Colorado, the reintroduction of wolves presents a new set of challenges. In response to this development, some ranchers are exploring the option of investing in livestock guardian dogs, such as the Great Pyrenees. These dogs are known for their ability to provide protection from large predators, including wolves, and can also serve as family-friendly pets.

As the Biden administration’s plan to reintroduce wolves into Colorado’s cattle country continues to generate opposition, it remains to be seen how the issue will be resolved. The concerns of local ranchers and the potential impacts on the livestock industry will likely factor into the ongoing debate over the reintroduction of wolves into the region.


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