Biden and Democrats Block Marianne Williamson from Ballot and Remove Trump from Colorado Ballot in Same Week, Amid Calls for “Democracy”

The Colorado Supreme Court, comprised of Democrat-appointed justices, made a controversial ruling on Tuesday night. They decided that President Donald Trump’s name will not be allowed on the state’s ballots for the 2024 election. The court justified this decision by citing Trump’s alleged incitement of the January 6, 2021, riot at the US Capitol, despite the fact that he has never been charged or convicted for this offense.

It is important to note that Trump has never been charged with engaging in insurrection or rebellion against the United States. This decision by the Colorado Supreme Court marks an unprecedented and undemocratic move in the history of the United States, apart from one other instance.

Remarkably, the Democrats had previously removed Abraham Lincoln’s name from the ballots in their slave states back in 1860. Despite this, Lincoln, a Republican candidate, still went on to win the election. The parallels between these events are striking.

Adding to the controversy, on Wednesday, Democrat Marianne Williamson was removed from the ballot in Massachusetts for the primary. This move was met with criticism, with some accusing the Democratic chair of robbing Massachusetts Democrats of their voice and choice in the upcoming election.

Furthermore, Democrats had previously blocked Democrat Robert Kennedy Jr. from running against Joe Biden earlier in the year. This pattern of preventing certain candidates from participating in the democratic process raises concerns about the integrity of the election system.

On the same day, Joe Biden took to Twitter to express his concern about Donald Trump posing a threat to the country and democracy. This statement was met with skepticism, with some questioning the sincerity of Biden’s remarks. There was a sense of irony in Biden’s assertion, considering the controversies surrounding the Democratic party’s handling of the election process.

It is evident that the political landscape leading up to the 2024 election is fraught with controversy and discord. The exclusion of certain candidates from the ballot, along with the polarizing rhetoric from both Democrats and Republicans, raises questions about the fairness and legitimacy of the upcoming election. The American public must closely monitor these developments and remain vigilant in upholding the principles of democracy.


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