Biden Judicial Nominee Linked to Group with Ties to Terrorists and Cop Killers, Report Reveals

Biden Judicial Nominee Tied to Group with Cop Killers and Terrorists

Adeel Abdullah Mangi, a nominee to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, has raised eyebrows for his ties to a group with links to cop killers and domestic terrorists. The Biden administration’s decision to nominate Mangi has sparked controversy and led many to question the administration’s vetting process.

Mangi serves on the advisory board of the Alliance of Families for Justice, an organization with close connections to convicted cop killers and domestic terrorists. The group, founded in 2016, has been involved in advocating for the release of individuals convicted of killing police officers, including members of the Black Panther and Black Liberation Army.

The Alliance of Families for Justice was co-founded by Kathy Boudin, a former member of the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist organization known for its involvement in a series of bombings and robberies in the 1970s and ’80s. Boudin pleaded guilty to the murder of two police officers and a security guard during an armored truck robbery in 1981.

In 2021, the organization organized an event calling for the release of six convicted cop killers, whom they referred to as “freedom fighters.” The event sparked outrage and led to further scrutiny of Mangi’s association with the group.

Mangi’s connections to organizations with ties to convicted terrorists don’t end there. He also served on the advisory board for a group at Rutgers University, which invited convicted terrorists to speak at an event marking the 20th anniversary of 9/11. This revelation has raised serious concerns about his judgment and fitness for a judicial nomination.

Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana recently questioned Mangi about his associations and the vetting process for judicial nominees. The senator’s inquiry highlighted the serious implications of Mangi’s connections to groups with controversial and potentially dangerous affiliations.

The Biden administration has been quick to tout Mangi’s nomination as “historic” due to his Muslim faith, but many are questioning whether his background and associations have been thoroughly scrutinized. Critics are calling for a closer examination of Mangi’s connections to groups with ties to convicted terrorists and cop killers, and are urging the administration to reconsider his nomination.

The controversy surrounding Mangi’s nomination has brought to light the importance of thorough vetting and scrutiny of judicial nominees. The Senate confirmation process will undoubtedly shed more light on Mangi’s affiliations and raise further questions about his suitability for a lifetime appointment to the federal judiciary. As the nomination process unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Mangi will be able to address the concerns and skepticism surrounding his associations and background.


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