Bill Maher’s New Rule Condemns the Genocidal “From the River to the Sea” Chant

Political commentator Bill Maher has vocalized strong opinions following the Hamas terrorist attacks on October 7 in Israel that are creating a divide with the radical leftists in the Democrat party. Maher targeted former President Obama for comments he made about the Israel-Hamas war expressing disappointment over Obama’s “moral equivalency.”

In his recent episode, Maher slammed liberals for defending Hamas and the rise of anti-semitism amongst them. He also criticized elite colleges for the suppression of free speech and indoctrination into what he refers to as a “stew of bad ideas.”

During the last episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, he introduced his new rule that condemned the “From the River to the Sea” chant, favored by leftists. Surprisingly, the audience approved of and applauded Maher’s statements.

Maher’s new rule was as follows: “And finally, new rule. I know it’s supposed to be that magical time of year, but maybe what we all really need right now is a good dose of realism. I see a lot of nativity scenes when I’m out, as you always do before Christmas, and I can’t help thinking about where that manger really is. It’s in the West Bank, on Palestinian lands controlled by the Palestinian Authority. In 1950, the little town of Bethlehem was 86% Christian. Now it’s overwhelmingly Muslim. And that’s my point. Tonight, things change.”

Maher continued to express his views on the overall situation. He highlighted that “Palestine was under the Ottoman Empire for 400 years, but today, an ottoman is something you put under your feet. The city of Byzantium became the city of Constantinople, became Istanbul. Not everybody liked it, but you can’t keep arguing the call forever.”

His comments took a historical approach, referring to the movement of various ethnic and religious groups across countries and territories. Maher also emphasized the need for negotiation and denounced the “river to the sea” myth. He urged that peace can only be achieved through negotiation and the compromising stance should be adopted.

Maher also rejected the idea of completely disbanding Israel and moving all Jews out of the country. He emphasized the need to get serious and negotiate realistic solutions for the ongoing conflict. He expressed a firm belief in the coexistence of both the Israelis and Palestinians.

Overall, Bill Maher’s recent statements depict a call for realism and negotiation in the Israel-Hamas conflict. His strong opinions have set him apart from the radical left, and his viewpoints have garnered support from many quarters. It will be interesting to see how his views influence the ongoing discourse on the issue.


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