Bishop Strickland spearheads resistance to Pope Francis’ globalist agenda as conservative Catholics oppose ‘gay couple blessings’ in church

Pope Francis has been making significant changes to Catholic dogma throughout his papacy, causing concern among Conservative Catholics. They believe that the changes he’s making are detrimental to the Church. The pace of these changes has increased following Francis’ controversial Synod, where he openly criticized some Catholic conservatives in the United States, accusing them of replacing faith with political ideology.
US Bishop Joseph Strickland has emerged as a leader in the fight against these changes, earning the nickname of ‘the red-pilled Shepherd.’ He’s been vocal about his opposition to Francis’ decisions, particularly regarding same-sex blessings. A recent declaration from the Vatican suggested the possibility of blessing same-sex couples without officially changing the Church’s teachings on marriage, which Strickland has urged fellow clergy to reject.

Francis’ progressive ideas and inclusive stance on issues such as atheism, homosexuality, and abortion have been met with resistance from Conservative Catholics. Strickland has been a leading voice in this resistance, insisting that these changes should not be incorporated into the life of the Church. He has called on his fellow bishops to join him in rejecting the Vatican’s recent document and seek clarification on the true teachings of the Catholic faith.

The tension between Francis and Strickland came to a head in November when Strickland was removed from his position as Bishop of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas, due to critical social media posts about the Pope. One of the reasons for his removal was his refusal to comply with a 2021 restriction by Francis on celebrating the old Latin Mass. Despite this, Strickland stands by his criticisms and continues to assert his position within the Church.

The conflict between the two leaders has garnered significant attention, with reports suggesting that some forces may be influencing Pope Francis in making his decisions. Strickland, in particular, has been vocal about his belief that external influences are at play in Francis’ actions, further complicating the already contentious relationship between the two figures.

As tensions between Pope Francis and US Bishop Joseph Strickland continue to escalate, the future of the Catholic Church remains uncertain. With opposing views on key issues and the potential for external interference, the Church faces a challenging road ahead as it navigates through this internal strife. The battle for the soul of the Catholic Church is intensifying, and the outcome remains uncertain.


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