Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Miranda Lambert’s Awkward Encounter at ACM Awards 2024

Country music stars Gwen Stefani, Miranda Lambert, and Blake Shelton had an awkward run-in backstage at the 2024 Academy of Country Music Awards on May 16th. The exes-turned-spouses were all in attendance, with Lambert debuting her new song “Wranglers” and Shelton performing a duet with Stefani, “Purple Irises.” Social media users quickly took notice of the seemingly spiteful scheduling, with one Twitter user writing: “Miranda Lambert playing her song Wranglers in front of Blake Shelton and later Blake and Gwen singing a duet in front of Miranda is MUST SEE TV.”

The former couples have a sordid history, with both Shelton and Lambert publicly accusing each other of cheating during their marriage. In fact, they both began their relationship after performing a duet together while Shelton was still married. The scandalous past caused some social media users to side with Shelton’s current wife, Gwen Stefani, and her involvement in the awkward situation. One tweeted, “Blake Shelton going from Miranda lambert to Gwen Stefani might possibly be the biggest upgrade of all time.”

Stefani and Shelton’s relationship began after bonding over their mutual experiences with being cheated on. Despite their vastly different musical backgrounds – Stefani is a mainstream pop artist while Shelton and Lambert are niche country stars – the couple seems to be going strong. However, this backstage run-in proves that tensions might still be high between Shelton and his ex-wife.

It’s unclear whether this occurrence will lead to future tension between the three stars. However, as long as they all continue to attend the same industry events, there’s a possibility that their paths will cross once again. In the meantime, fans can only speculate about the true nature of the awkward encounter


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