Border Wall Breach and Mass Incursion Unfolding in Lukeville, Arizona as Endless Line of African Illegal Immigrants Charge Over Border

Biden’s Border Crisis Worsens as Massive Incursion Takes Place in Arizona

The border crisis continues to escalate, as a border wall breach and massive incursion are currently unfolding in Lukeville, Arizona. On Thursday evening, illegal aliens from Africa charged over the border chanting, “America! America!” The scene was chaotic as single, military-age men from northern Africa cheered and ran over Fox News reporters to brag about illegally entering the United States.

The situation was captured on video and shared on social media by journalist Bill Melugin. According to Melugin, there is a never-ending line of military-age Africans pouring over the border on Thursday night in what appears to be a direct response to Joe Biden’s open border invitation. He reported that crossings were still taking place and many of the men told him that there are hundreds more behind them. The sound of chanting echoed through the air as a horde of illegals were seen walking down the middle of the highway in Lukeville, Arizona. It was a scene that many described as an invasion.

This latest incident comes after a report revealed that 12,000 encounters with illegal aliens occurred at the southern border on Wednesday alone. Moreover, since Biden’s installment in January 2021, over 10 million illegal aliens have flooded into the US, the majority of which are military-age men from around the world, including Africa and the Middle East.

In a tweet, Melugin shared that another enormous line of hundreds upon hundreds of adult men from around the globe crossed illegally into Lukeville, Arizona on Wednesday night. He mentioned how they were waiting for Border Patrol to take custody of them, as they expected to be released into the US due to the non-stop flow of illegal crossings.

Bill Melugin also asked the illegals lined up in Lukeville where they plan on going in the US. Shockingly, none of the illegals told him that they were seeking asylum. Instead, they named cities all over America, indicating that they were seeking work or to reunite with family members.

The situation in Lukeville, Arizona is just one example of the ongoing crisis at the southern border. As the number of illegal crossings continues to rise, the Biden administration faces mounting pressure to address the situation and implement measures to secure the border. The incessant surge of illegal immigrants not only poses a threat to national security but also raises concerns about the strain on resources, the safety of border communities, and the well-being of those attempting the dangerous journey across the border.


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