Brendan Rodgers expresses support for Celtic fan group’s return and aims for club unity

Celtic Manager Brendan Rodgers Emphasizes the Importance of Unity as Green Brigade Returns to Celtic Park

Ahead of Saturday’s visit of Livingston, Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers welcomed the return of the Green Brigade, stressing the significance of unity for the club’s success. The fan group will be back at Celtic Park after a ban was lifted, allowing about 300 fans to have their season tickets reinstated and attend home and away games.

Rodgers highlighted the integral role of fan support in Celtic’s history, stressing that the collective effort of the manager, supporters, and players creates a formidable force. He acknowledged the responsibility of everyone in creating a positive atmosphere at Celtic Park, which contributes to the team’s performance and makes it a challenging venue for opposing teams.

The absence of the Green Brigade had been felt in recent matches against Motherwell, Hibernian, Feyenoord, and Hearts, culminating in a draw and a loss in Celtic’s recent home games. When asked about the impact of the Green Brigade’s absence on the team’s performance, Rodgers emphasized that it is the responsibility of both the team and the supporters to create an environment that drives the team forward.

The return of the Green Brigade is a welcome development for the club, with Rodgers expressing his optimism that their presence will contribute to the unity and collective spirit at Celtic Park. The manager also responded to the frustration expressed by fans during the last game, stating that unity is essential for any top club, especially in high-intensity situations.

Celtic’s initial decision to suspend the Green Brigade was prompted by an “increasingly serious escalation in unacceptable behaviors,” to which the fans responded as being “evidently unfair.” However, following discussions, an agreement was reached, and the club cited the implementation of an updated rail seating safety code of conduct as the basis for the fans’ return.

On the injury front, Rodgers confirmed that Liel Abada would not feature against Livingston and is unlikely to recover in time for the game against Rangers on December 30. Despite the setback, Abada’s progress in his recovery process has been positive, with the hope that he will rejoin the squad in the near future.

Overall, the return of the Green Brigade marks a significant moment for Celtic, signaling a renewed sense of unity and collective support within the club. With the fans back at Celtic Park, there is an expectation of a vibrant atmosphere, contributing to the team’s performance as they strive for success in their upcoming matches.


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