Chicago Allocates Minimum of $138M for Newly-Arrived Illegals

In a shocking revelation, CBS Chicago investigators have discovered that the city of Chicago has spent a whopping $138 million from October 2022 to the present to address the needs of undocumented immigrants within its borders. This staggering amount raises concerns about the financial burden placed on American cities as a result of Joe Biden’s broken border policies.

According to CBS Chicago’s report, the largest recipient of these funds was Favorite Healthcare Staffing, a healthcare staffing firm that received a staggering $93 million, accounting for 68 percent of the total sum. Equitable Social Solutions, a company specializing in homelessness prevention and housing support, received $19 million, while the family-owned food service company Open Kitchens was granted $15 million.

The Gateway Pundit shed light on the lucrative contract that Favorite Healthcare Staffing has with the city of Chicago, revealing the substantial financial benefits reaped by the staffing firm from taxpayer dollars. Additionally, NBC 5’s investigation unveiled alarming details about the exorbitant rates at which Favorite Healthcare Staffing billed the city for its services.

According to NBC 5’s review of invoices, Favorite Healthcare Staffing routinely billed for 84 hours of work per week for most of their employees, with rates ranging from nearly $50 to $156 per hour for regular pay, and from $75 to $234 per hour for overtime. The invoices also showed that for security personnel, Favorite charged the city a median payrate of $24,000 per security guard for four weeks’ worth of work, equivalent to an annual charge of $312,000 per security guard.

Furthermore, the invoices revealed that for a single registered nurse at the shelters, Favorite billed the city for more than $64,272 for four weeks’ worth of work, prompting concerns about potentially paying over $830,000 a year for one nurse. These revelations have sparked outrage among taxpayers, who are dismayed by the exorbitant amounts being paid to private companies for services related to undocumented immigrants.

Social media has also been abuzz with criticism, with one tweet highlighting the high wages being earned by workers at illegal migrant shelters, including hourly rates between $135 and $200, as well as nurses earning $20,000 in just one week. The tweet also revealed that Favorite Healthcare Staffing has been paid at least $56 million since October to provide care for over 13,000 undocumented immigrants.

These revelations have ignited a public debate about the financial implications of Joe Biden’s border policies, as American cities struggle with the immense costs of addressing the needs of undocumented immigrants within their borders. As the issue continues to attract attention, calls for accountability and transparency in the use of taxpayer funds have grown louder, prompting demands for greater oversight and reform in how cities manage the financial impact of broken border policies.


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