Chicago Teachers Union Boss Owes Thousands in Unpaid Utility Bills Despite High Salary

Stacy Davis-Gates, the president of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), has come under scrutiny for failing to pay $5,579 in water, sewer, and trash bills despite her annual salary of $289,000. This revelation has sparked controversy as Davis-Gates has been a vocal advocate for the wealthy to pay a greater share, while she herself has allowed unpaid bills to accumulate.

The Chicago Sun-Times analysis revealed that Davis-Gates’ debt is part of a staggering $6.4 billion in unpaid fees, fines, and other debts left uncollected since 1990. City Comptroller Chasse Rehwinkel emphasized that efforts are targeting those with the means to pay but are avoiding their responsibility.

In July 2022, the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting water shut-off for non-payment, intended to benefit lower-income residents. This has raised questions about whether Davis-Gates, with her substantial income, is taking advantage of an ordinance meant to protect vulnerable residents for her personal benefit.

Apart from her unpaid bills, concerns have been raised about Davis-Gates and other CTU leaders’ failure to handle union funds properly and provide required reporting to members. There have also been claims that the union has failed to provide audits to members for at least four years, with Davis-Gates attacking a member for asking about this issue.

Davis-Gates’ tenure as CTU president has also been marked by her efforts to oppose Illinois’ Invest in Kids Act, which is the state’s sole school choice option. Additionally, there have been reports that one of her children attends a private Catholic high school in Chicago, despite her public advocacy for public education alternatives.

Furthermore, in Indiana, county officials found that Davis-Gates received an “unlawful deduction” on a home she owns in South Bend. The St. Joseph County auditor sent her a letter assessing $1,393 for three years’ worth of back taxes plus a penalty. Questions have also emerged about a homestead tax exemption for her South Bend home, which was granted and remained in effect for 16 years until it was raised by reporters.

These revelations have sparked criticism and controversy surrounding Davis-Gates’ actions and leadership as the president of the Chicago Teachers Union. Her failure to pay utility bills despite her substantial income, alongside other issues, has called into question her credibility and commitment as a union leader. The controversy continues to unfold as more details about Davis-Gates’ conduct come to light.


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