Chrome desktop is upgraded by Google with a proactive Safety Check.

Google is updating Chrome on desktop to enhance browsing security and memory utilization control. The significant change is a proactive Safety Check feature. In Version 120 and above, Chrome will now run Safety Check in the background and issue alerts for compromised passwords, malware infected extensions, and Chrome updates.

The new update will automatically revoke permissions that were granted to a site previously but has not been used, similar to how Google handles Android permissions. Additionally, Chrome’s Safety Check will prompt the user to disable notifications when they don’t engage with a site but receive a lot of notifications.

Another feature update is the Memory Saver mode, which will now display more information when hovering over a tab, and adds a new setting to prevent certain sites from sleeping. The tab grouping feature will also be introduced for better browsing organization and sync between desktop devices.

Overall, the Google Chrome desktop update brings proactive alerts to enhance security, better management of memory usage, and improved browsing productivity with tab grouping.


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