Climate Activists Scale 140-Metre Crane to Protest Woodside Petroleum

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Activists associated with climate campaigner Greenpeace Australia scaled a 140-metre-high crane opposite oil and gas producer Woodside Petroleum’s headquarters in Perth on Dec. 5. 
Once reaching the top of the crane just after 6 a.m., the four protestors unveiled a yellow 25-metre vertical banner reading “Stop Woodside.”
Local police were forced to cordon off Spring Street in Perth’s CBD which lies directly below the crane and next to Woodside’s corporate office, significantly impeding traffic. 
All four climbers, comprising three men and a woman, were then taken into custody with charges yet to be confirmed.
The demonstration came just two days after Greenpeace protestors attempted to obstruct the activities of deep sea miners in the East Pacific Ocean, using canoes and dinghies to block the path of Coco—a mining exploration vessel operated by a subsidiary of Canadian-based miner The Metals Company. …


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