Colorado Supreme Court’s Trump Ballot Ruling Draws Criticism from Greg Gutfeld

Greg Gutfeld has ignited a fiery opening monologue, lashing out at Democrats and the Colorado Supreme Court over their decision to strike Trump from the 2024 ballot. He warned Democrats that such moves have historically backfired and called on all Republican candidates to condemn the decision, notably singling out Vivek Ramaswamy for his plan to boycott Colorado until the issue is addressed. Gutfeld also put the U.S. Supreme Court on notice, stressing that the nation is closely monitoring the situation.

Gutfeld humorously poked at the Colorado Supreme Court, comparing their decision to the great manmade structures visible from space. He humorously commented on the judges’ alleged inability to see the impact of their actions, likening them to misbehaving children. He sarcastically credited the judges with inadvertently boosting Trump’s presidential chances, quipping that their actions did more for him than the combined incompetence of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Gutfeld emphasized the Democrats’ repeated attempts to undermine Trump, likening the former president to a resilient Chinese finger cuff tangling his opponents. He wryly mocked the judges for celebrating their election interference in a private club, portraying them as oblivious bobbleheads in an earthquake.

This scathing monologue mirrors the concerns of many Republicans and Trump supporters, who view the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision as a dangerous precedent. Gutfeld’s call for Republican candidates to speak out against the ruling highlights the unity and backlash within the conservative camp. The comedian’s adept fusion of humor and criticism resonates with those who feel disenfranchised by what they perceive as partisan judicial overreach.

Gutfeld’s bold commentary serves as a stark reminder of the intense political polarization in the United States. By using humor to dissect a serious issue, he engages a broad audience while shedding light on a concerning legal decision. The monologue not only entertains but also sparks conversation and reflection on the integrity of the electoral process. Gutfeld’s unabashed condemnation of the Democrats’ and the court’s actions underlines the fervent opposition to what many deem as a threat to fair and democratic elections.

The ramifications of the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision extend beyond party lines, as demonstrated by Gutfeld’s impassioned critique. The broader question of electoral integrity and the legal boundaries of partisan intervention are brought to the forefront through his colorful and compelling storytelling. Amidst the political turmoil, Gutfeld’s monologue highlights the importance of vigilance and accountability in safeguarding the democratic process. As the nation grapples with entrenched divisions, Gutfeld’s impassioned monologue prompts viewers to consider the implications of judicial actions on the democratic fabric of the country.


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