Columbia University Establishes Fund for Victims of Doctor Found Guilty of Sex Crimes and Notifies 6,500 Patients

Columbia University and its affiliated hospital have come forward with a plan to notify 6,500 former patients of Robert Hadden, a disgraced gynecologist who was convicted of federal sex crimes earlier this year. Dr. Hadden, a former employee of the Columbia University Irving Medical Center, abused his patients over the span of many years. As a response, the university and hospital have put a $100 million settlement fund in place, providing an opportunity for victims to seek compensation.

In addition to the settlement fund, victims also have the option to file lawsuits under New York’s Adult Survivors Act. It’s important to note that the window for filing these lawsuits will close after November 23, giving victims a limited time to take legal action if they choose to pursue this route.

Dr. Hadden was found guilty in January on four counts of enticing victims to travel across state lines so he could abuse them sexually. As a result of his actions, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison this past July. The severity and extent of his crimes have had a lasting impact on his victims, many of whom suffered both physically and emotionally.

Despite the conviction and sentencing, the trauma caused by Hadden has left a lasting mark on the lives of many of his former patients. The notification from Columbia University and its affiliated hospital is a critical step in the healing process for these individuals. By providing a platform for victims to seek compensation and take legal action, the university and hospital are taking responsibility for their affiliation with Dr. Hadden and acknowledging the pain and suffering experienced by his victims.

The $100 million settlement fund signifies a commitment from Columbia University and the affiliated hospital to assist the victims of Dr. Hadden. This substantial amount is a reflection of the severity of the crimes committed and a recognition of the impact these actions have had on the lives of the victims. It’s a step toward accountability and serves as an important measure in the overall process of seeking justice and closure for those affected.

Moving forward, it is essential for the university and hospital to continue supporting the victims of Dr. Hadden while also working to prevent similar cases from happening in the future. By addressing the harm caused by this former employee, they are setting a precedent for how institutions should handle instances of sexual abuse and misconduct within their facilities. This serves as a reminder of the importance of creating a safe and secure environment for patients, free from any form of abuse or exploitation.

Ultimately, the notification of former patients and the establishment of the settlement fund represent a significant turning point in holding individuals and institutions accountable for acts of misconduct and abuse. The impact of Dr. Hadden’s actions has been profound, but the steps taken by Columbia University and its affiliated hospital are a crucial part of the healing process for the victims involved. It sends a message that institutions must take responsibility for the actions of their employees and work to support and protect those who have been harmed.


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