Conservative Media Personalities Prank Call Former CNN Host Brian Stelter After Drinking Together – Watch the Video

Tucker Carlson, the popular Fox News host, sent shockwaves through the internet when he aired his interview with controversial InfoWars host, Alex Jones, on X. During the interview, Jones made shocking claims about President Joe Biden, alleging that he wanders around the White House naked in the middle of the night. According to Jones, this information was relayed to him by sources within the Secret Service and other individuals who work closely with them. He even offered to connect Carlson with these sources to validate the claims.

In addition to the bizarre allegations about Biden, Jones also asserted that the president is mentally unstable and heavily reliant on drugs to function. According to Jones, Biden is allegedly administered methamphetamines in the morning and night to keep him stable, and that his mental state is deteriorating. Tucker Carlson echoed these claims, stating that he personally knows someone who witnessed Biden taking amphetamines during the 2020 election. The gravity of these allegations is significant, as it directly questions the fitness of the President of the United States to hold office.

In a surprising turn of events, Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones also revealed that they had been drinking together the previous night and prank-called former CNN anchor, Brian Stelter. This prank call came after Stelter was ousted from CNN the year prior. The duo openly shared a video of the prank call, which took aim at Stelter’s circumstances after leaving the network. The lighthearted nature of the call stood in stark contrast to the serious and contentious nature of the rest of their conversation.

Overall, the interview between Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones generated a significant amount of controversy and attention. The claims made by Jones about President Biden’s mental state and drug use have raised questions and concerns across the political spectrum. With the power and influence of both Jones and Carlson, this interview is likely to continue sparking debate and analysis among the public and media figures alike. Whether the claims made during this interview will have any long-term effects on public opinion or political discourse remains to be seen, but their impact on the news cycle is undeniable.


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