Man Arrested for Murder of Ex-Girlfriend in Yokohama

YOKOHAMA – In a tragic incident, a 22-year-old man has been apprehended by Yokohama police on suspicion of murdering his 18-year-old former girlfriend on Thursday.

The suspect, identified as Haruki Ito, who works at a company, confessed to fatally stabbing Sana Tominaga, a university student, in the car parking lot outside her apartment building in Tsurumi Ward at approximately 10:15 a.m. on Thursday, according to Kyodo News.

Tominaga’s mother discovered her daughter lying injured in the parking lot and immediately dialed emergency services. Tominaga was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival. The police revealed that she had sustained multiple stab wounds.

Around 10:30 a.m., Ito voluntarily turned himself in at a local police station. Upon surrender, he was found to be carrying a knife stained with blood.

During police questioning, Ito admitted to his crime and explained that he had harbored anger toward Tominaga ever since she expressed her desire to end their relationship a week prior and subsequently severed all contact with him. Ito revealed that he had been lying in wait for Tominaga to emerge from her apartment so he could carry out the attack.

According to authorities, Ito and Tominaga had been in a relationship since October 2021. However, Tominaga had confided in her friends about her intention to break up with Ito due to his escalating physical abuse and possessive behavior.

Law enforcement officials disclosed that they had received four distress calls related to conflicts between the couple since October 2021. On two occasions, Tominaga herself contacted the police, expressing concerns that Ito was stalking her. In response, the police issued a verbal warning to Ito and requested his parents to keep a watchful eye on him.

Addressing Domestic Violence and Stalking

The tragic incident has once again brought the issues of domestic violence and stalking to the forefront. The case underscores the importance of early intervention and preventive measures to protect potential victims from harm. It is crucial for authorities and society as a whole to foster an environment that encourages victims to seek help and take action against abusive individuals.

Incidents like these serve as a stark reminder that domestic violence and stalking can have devastating consequences. It is essential to prioritize the safety and well-being of individuals in abusive relationships, providing them with the necessary support and resources to break free from such harmful situations.

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