Cybersecurity Incident Disrupts Ohio Lottery Operations During Christmas Weekend

The Ohio Lottery faced a cyber security incident on Christmas Eve, impacting the state lottery’s computer systems. While retail sales of draw games and scratch tickets were unaffected, cashing of winning tickets over $599 via mobile or at ‘super retailers’ has been disrupted. The lottery commission took quick action by disconnecting key systems to contain the issue. An ongoing investigation is now underway to determine the scope and impact of the incident.

A statement posted on the Ohio Lottery’s website acknowledges the cybersecurity event and outlines the steps taken to protect the systems. The lottery immediately initiated an internal investigation, which is still in its early stages. Efforts are being made to fully understand the extent of the incident and its impact. The Ohio Lottery expresses appreciation for the public’s understanding as they work through the issue.

With regard to checking winning numbers, the Ohio Lottery website and mobile application or any Ohio Lottery retailer can be utilized. However, winning numbers for certain games, including KENO and Lucky One, and updated EZPLAY® Progressive jackpots are currently unavailable. Meanwhile, prizes up to $599 can be cashed at any Ohio Lottery retailer location, while prizes over $600 can be claimed by mailing the physical ticket to the Ohio Lottery Central Office or using the digital claim form.

The disruptions also affect services such as the mobile cashing app and the ability to cash prizes above $600 at Super Retailer locations. The Ohio Lottery Commission has stated that the public will be notified once these services resume. In the meantime, prize claims can still be mailed to the Ohio Lottery Commission at the provided address.

The cyber security incident has not impacted retail sales of draw games and scratch tickets, as those sales continue without interruption. However, the disruption in cashing higher-value winning tickets presents an inconvenience for lottery players. The Ohio Lottery is working diligently to resolve the issue and ensure that all services are restored as soon as possible.

While the investigation is ongoing, the Ohio Lottery assures the public that measures are being taken to safeguard the integrity of their systems and protect the interests of lottery players. Updates on the situation will be communicated to the public as more information becomes available. Despite the disruption, the Ohio Lottery remains committed to providing a secure and reliable gaming experience for its patrons.


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