David Eason Responds to Farrah Abraham: He Calls Her a Prostitute and Criticizes Her Actions

David Eason, the husband of Jenelle Evans, has recently added fuel to the fire of their public feud and, boy, is it getting messy. Farrah Abraham is also tangled in this messy feud. Amidst this drama, Jenelle is already under investigation by CPS. It’s surprising that none of this has slowed her down as she is anything but normal.

The sudden involvement of Eason has made these feud even more chaotic as he has thrown himself into the public spotlight. The former husband of Evans has been unemployed for several years and is trying to pursue a career as a rapper. With a social media presence, Eason has taken to Facebook to retaliate at Farrah. He accuses her of allowing her daughter to accompany her while escorting.

This dig at Farrah is also a strange move from Eason as Jenelle, his wife currently earning money from her OnlyFans account. As many people have their doubts about Farrah’s ability to earn money independently, she has made millions from the site. This double standard is evident as the person taking on escorting and also doing her side business has put Farrah in a more sustainable financial position as compared to David.

This saga is on going and the new accusations will no doubt keep Farrah on edge. Nevertheless, her stance on this matter is yet to be made public. Jenelle’s activities and Farrah’s independent business have landed them in a feud that will keep fans on the edge.


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