Deadspin issues correction for article criticizing young football fan

The young Kansas City Chiefs fan caught in the crosshairs of a Deadspin report as racist for wearing a headdress and a red-and-black “blackface” at an NFL event is finally getting some vindication. Deadspin, in the face of a lawsuit threat from the boy’s parents, has issued a correction to its original story, which took aim at the young fan.

The publication initially accused the young fan of wearing blackface, citing a photo that showed what appeared to be black face paint. Following public backlash and legal threats, Deadspin added an editor’s note to the story, admitting that their opinion piece was based on a “deceptive photo.”

The fan’s parents, Shannon and Raul Armenta, took swift action by hiring legal representation to demand a retraction from Deadspin. The outlet had the chance to correct the article prior to the legal action but failed to do so, leading to the family’s decision to pursue a lawsuit.

The controversy erupted when Carron J. Phillips, the author of the original story, accused the young fan of showing disrespect to both black people and Native Americans. However, it was later revealed that Holden Armenta, the boy in question, is actually Native American.

The Gateway Pundit highlighted the use of a “deceptive photo” in the original report, which portrayed the fan in a negative light. Contrary to Deadspin’s allegations, it was clarified that the young fan was not displaying blackface but rather a combination of red and black paint as a show of support for the Chiefs.

The article was updated to remove any identifying information about the fan and to revise the headline to better reflect the substance of the story. The publication expressed regret for drawing attention to the fan and acknowledged that its focus should have been on the NFL and its history on race.

The corrected narrative unveiled the true nature of the situation, discrediting the initial accusations made by Deadspin and providing validation for the young fan and his family. The swift and decisive action taken by the Armenta family serves as a reminder of the power of those who refuse to accept false and harmful narratives. In the end, the truth has prevailed, protecting the innocence and integrity of a young football fan and his unwavering support for his team.


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