Dean McDermott’s lack of amicable co-parenting with Tori results in not seeing his kids for 6 months

It has been a rough year for Tori Spelling, and things are looking tense for her holiday season. Earlier this month, Spelling spoke about pressing on through the holidays, despite the ups and downs of 2023.

The biggest of these downs came in June when Dean McDermott announced the end of their marriage, and since then, he has not seen their five children in person. While their separation and dating lives remain complicated, their co-parenting dynamic remains at a standstill.

The tension between the former couple is apparent. Tori and Dean have briefly spoken, as one source describes, but their separation and kids situation remain chaotic and far from being resolved. Their divorce is looking more likely, and the insider discloses that it remains a day-by-day process for the pair, and things aren’t completely amicable at the moment.

For six months, Dean hardly spent any time alone with his kids, although he has seen them over the phone. This is a troubling observation, considering that Beau, his youngest, is only 6. One twelfth of his life has been fatherless, and it is difficult for Tori’s other children, Liam and Stella, in their mid-teens, as well.

While Dean’s sudden divorce announcement took many by surprise in June, it turned out that he was under the influence when he made the post. The former couple have collectively gone through this rollercoaster for eighteen years, and now their journey together seems to be coming to an end.

Dean’s struggles with addiction and alcoholism and drug abuse, revealed in a tell-all interview, paint a grim picture of what it was like to be a part of Tori’s family. It was an outpouring of personal pain and turmoil, and Dean’s paranoia and anger made it difficult for Tori to protect the children from it.

Since then, Dean has been in rehab and in a sober living home and spent Thanksgiving away from the family. The coming holidays are a challenge, as Tori and Dean’s holiday arrangements are uncertain. Their plans depend on Dean’s healing process and commitment to sobriety, and things are still up in the air at this point.


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